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What is Shared Hosting?

Web hosting is a service that lets you rent web space on the internet to publish a web site. Email services are usually also included in most web hosting packages. Same goes for the domain registration of your first site name. The domain name is the address people enter in their browsers to access a specific website.

Customer Reviews

Why our customers loves our services

Incredibly Responsive

“We have been hosting servers for a new game (Palworld) which generally does not have a lot of features for dedicated servers. The Qonzer team has been incredibly responsive and helpful with getting this game to work, and has built out more features for this game on request after I talked to support.”

Support - Incredibly Responsive
Vanguard Games

Five Star Hosting Services!


“Exceptional hosting services! Their robust infrastructure ensured my website's stability and lightning-fast loading times. Support was prompt and knowledgeable. A game-changer for my online business.“

Support - Five Star Hosting Services!
Michael Smith

Great company and great guy

“Great company and great guy. Very knowledgeable and sat with me on a call to fix an issue that had nothing to do with the server."
Support - Great company and great guy
Craig Brown

A service you can trust


“I have watched as Qonzer has developed and to say I'm impressed would be an immense understatement. From the beginning there has been one vision: "A better choice" and that's exactly what Qonzer has become. With exceptional pricing, performance, and transparency, Qonzer Is set on a course to be the new industry standard for server hosting. I expect Qonzer to exceed even my highest expectations, and am on the edge of my seat waiting for whatever comes next. Remarkable work, truly.”

Support - A service you can trust

Best hosting out there


"Best hosting out there. Great customer service. Amazing performance. Dashboard is intuitive and useful. Highly recommend."

Support - Best hosting out there
Matt Nyce



“Getting way better performance than I would on another hosting site. I also get the actual data and info from my server and set up, and they don't charge per slot which is like revolutionary! Love it.”

Support - Awesome



“The experience I had with this company was second to none. Customer service was great and I got support in good time. Very reliable server, and fast, no issues. Thanks alot, very reasonable priced for what is recieved Highly reccomend”



“QONZER has been a major positivity and a extremely good company to go with. When there is a rare issue, this is resolved extremely quick and even to the point where it may be in unsociable hours. QONZER is a provider that everyone should at least trial out. The user interface, support and affordability is extremely better than other providers. Definitely a provider I will use in the future.”
Support - QONZER Review
Pigeon Studios

Great performance without the lag

“If you want a smooth running game server, this is the company to go to. Friendly and helpful service to get you up and running. Great performance without the lag that other server companies are plagued with. Give them a try and see the difference.”
Support - Great performance without the lag

Great Server Hoster + Manager


“Easy to access Site, great performance and stable running. A lot of features to manage your gameservers and serveral at the same time. Clean UI that is self explaining so if you managed a server already you will find yourself quickly at home again.”

Support - Great Server Hoster + Manager


“Never have I ever seen hosting done THIS WELL. The site is simple, easy to use, and the service is reliable. I've been using Qonzer for months and months now, and have never had an issue. My server often has 80+ players in it, and there's no lag AT ALL. The prices are better than any of the competitors, not even a competition there. YOU DON'T EVEN HAVE TO PAY PER SLOT. Honestly, if you're shopping around for a hosting service, go with Qonzer and you won't be disappointed. I never have been.“

Highly recommended 5*

“Highly recommended, simply the best server company in existence. The level of service received was far above expectations! Look no further for your new server!“
Support - Highly recommended 5*

Best Minecraft Server Provider Out There


“I joined this Hosting service as a customer at the start of the year. I was quickly contacted by the host providers and was given an excellent quote. While setting up my Minecraft server, the host providers frequently checked with me to see if everything was alright and promptly helped me when they were available when I needed assistance. My Minecraft server runs very smoothly and the features available in the server panel are outstanding, allowing me to view server physical hardware performance in real-time and protect my server with DDOS protection. Although Qonzer is very small, consisting of 2 staff at the moment, they provide more service and dedication to their craft than most other providers out there. Not only because of the immense price value they provide, but the personalized service has made my decision to stay with Qonzer.“

Support - Best Minecraft Server Provider Out There

Fantastic servers and expertise!


“Fantastic servers with people who are real specialists in their field! You get the hardware you want and the expertise and knowledge... I have been renting from GSP's for 18 years and i can tell you that this is the best GSP you can get!“

Support - Fantastic servers and expertise!
Frank Mombert

Pleasantly Surprised.

“When our team of admins first announced we were switching over to a semi-managed service, I was a little worried. I envisioned losing access and control over how our processes/games are managed, but that wasn't the case. With Qonzer you have the best of the both worlds - You can utilise the very easy access web portal for fast and simple deployment/config of new games, OR if you really need to feel in control of everything then just remote desktop on to the server and configure your games directly/manually. When you rent a server with Qonzer, you get the hardware and the all the functionality you'd expect to get when remote controlling a server, but you also get a handy web portal for fast deployment of games. We've had many situations in the past where our community has asked for a game putting on, but the hassle of configuring it just wasn't worth the time - now we can host those games hassle free whilst still having our own dedicated machine rather than using a host. Before switching over to Qonzer, we'd rented servers from 2 providers in the past, both of which suffered drive failures. It's been about a year since we joined Qonzer and we've not had any hardware failures so far. It's like having all the convenience that big hosts (nitrado, gportal, etc) provide for game deployment, whilst still retaining the performance and reliability you get from having your own dedicated server.“
Support - Pleasantly Surprised.
Alex T

just purchased a ark server....

“just purchased a ark server..... great service..great prices and pings are super low...“
Support - just purchased a ark server....
Chris Cookson

Great service and good connection and…


“Great service and good connection and stability. customer service is quick and helpful. Recomend it.“

Support - Great service and good connection and…
Jonathan Conlin


“very helpful on setting up a server as im a rookie on setting up servers but they walked me through the setting up a server step by step i would recommend to anyone who likes to run online sevrers to qonzer as they can help you with the aet up and day to day eunning of server“
Support - excellant
Charles Petrosky

It is very clear and user friendly

“It is very clear and user friendly, a lot of the things are on logic places and easy to use“
Support - It is very clear and user friendly
Jory Praet

Exceptional server service


“Exceptional server service! The speed and stability exceeded my expectations. The user interface is intuitive, and their customer support is commendable. Highly recommend for anyone seeking a reliable and efficient server solution.“

Support - Exceptional server service
Jacob Ortega

Excellent service and support

“Excellent service and support. Two thumbs up!“
Support - Excellent service and support
Swag McSwag

Great service

“Great service, can only recommend. Special thanks for the patience and excellent communication.“
Support - Great service

A+ Experience!

“A+ Experience! Top notch equipment! Friendly customer support!“
Support - A+ Experience!
Jason Shambo