Get Total DDoS Protection for your Myth of Empires server powered by qGuard™

qGuard™ uses data from multiple sources in real-time to keep all our protection protocols up to date and it's doubled with over 12.5TBps global throughput at all times.

We have developed specific rule sets for each type of game server title. So whether your running Minecraft, Path of Titans or DayZ etc... rest assured you're protected! and to top it off you can see live in the qPanel™ of the protection status and if you're under attack which is again something no other hosting provider gives you.

12.5tbps Global DDoS Protection

For any size or type of attack
  • Instantly mitigates malicious attacks
  • Only clean traffic is sent to the server
  • Completely transparent to regular traffic
  • Protection from small and large attacks
  • Included free of charge with any server
  • In-house filtering for no added latency
DDoS Protection
  • Keeps services online throughout attacks
  • Regular traffic is unaffected
  • Peak protection always increasing
  • Every IP protected from DDoS attacks
  • Peak protection always increasing
  • Every IP protected from DDoS attacks

How does it filter traffic?

What types of attacks are you protected against?

# Layer Application Description Vector Example
7 Application Data Network process to application HTTP floods, DNS query floods, Phishing, Password cracking, Buffer overflow, Format string attack
6 Presentation Data Data representation and encryption SSL abuse, Cracking encryption, File inclusion vulnerabilities,
Cross-site scripting (XSS), Cross-site request forgery (CSRF)
5 Session Data Interhost communication Session hijacking, Access control bypass, Adversary-in-the-middle attack
4 Transport Segments End-to-end connections and reliability Lateral Movement, TCP/UDP port scanning, DNS poisoning, TCP/UDP flood (DDoS), SYN floods
3 Network Packets Path determination and logical addressing IP spoofing, Manipulating routing tables, ICMP redirect, UDP reflection attacks
TCP/UDP flood (DDoS), SYN flood (DDoS), Smurf attack (DDos)
2 Datalinks Frames Physical addressing MAC, ARP, VLAN, DHCP spoofing and rogue access points.
1 Physical Bits Media, signal, and binary transmission Physical, Traffic eavesdropping

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